These Are the Best Firearms to Keep in Your Car

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There are many ways to carry or conceal a firearm. Aside from the most obvious — being in your home or on your person — there’s also the option to keep one inside your car. Of course, there are pros and cons to doing this, but it does allow you to keep a weapon nearby at all times, especially since it’s not always possible to carry one in your pocket or purse.

The most significant caveat is that a vehicle isn’t exactly the safest or most secure place to store a gun. Having said that, there are ways around this — like storing the weapon in a secure case and hiding it beneath a seat.

Due to the potential risks, it’s also a good idea to leave your most expensive weapons at home and instead go with something a little more disposable. Let’s explore that idea a little further, and talk about what makes a good car gun.

What Guns Are Best for Auto Storage?

For starters, you’ll want to choose something that is less valuable both in monetary terms and sentimental terms. That will help cut down on the overall loss if someone ever steals the weapon from your vehicle.

You’ll also want to ensure it is both reliable and low-maintenance. Not that you never want to check or clean the weapon — it’s just you don’t want to be doing it often. More importantly, when you need it most, you don’t want it jamming or petering out on you. Revolvers, for example, tend to be ideal for something like this.

It’s also worth noting a vehicle gun, albeit still in a portable form, can be larger than something you’d carry on you, since you won’t have to conceal it in the same way. That means you can store something like a full-sized .357 revolver, or a pistol with an extended magazine, without having to worry about the bulkiness.

The Best Guns to Keep in Your Car

Now, let’s look at some firearm models that would be ideal for auto storage.

  • Glocks, particularly the Glock 19 or the Glock 23
  • Full-size revolver, like the Enfield No. 2, .357 EAA or Rossi models
  • Compact pistols — Makarov being the prime example — but also the Bersa Thunder or CZ82
  • 45ACP models like the Hi-Point 45, Kahr CT45, Springfield XD45, Sig Sauer P250 Compact or the Ruger P345
  • 9mm, such as the Kel-Tec P-11, Taurus 709, Ruger LC9 or Remington R51

In the end, however, it’s up to you what you decide to keep or store inside your vehicle. If you’re perfectly fine tucking a more expensive and powerful firearm between your seats or inside a gun safe, go for it!

One element most people forget when it comes to auto theft is that your insurance will often cover some of the costs for damage, stolen goods and the vehicle — if the police weren’t successful at recovering it. You might consider getting third-party gun ownership and liability insurance, as well.

Whatever the case, we hope this helps you decide if you’re looking to acquire a firearm for auto storage — or if you just want to decide between some of the guns you already do have!

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