Friends With Firearms: How to Break Into Competitive Shooting

Whether you’re a pistol person or a shotgun specialist, there’s a competition out there that can help you hone your skills, or even learn something new!

Shooting competitions have a reputation for being solely for experts in the field. However, this stereotype is false. If you’re thinking about getting involved in competitions, but are unsure if you’re good enough, don’t let the goals you haven’t hit yet hold you back.

Instead, hit your goals by hitting your targets in competitive shooting!


A significant detriment for most people when it comes to competitive shooting is believing they aren’t ready, need to spend more time on the range or need to improve one thing or another before they start competing with other shooters.

These thoughts, however, can hold you back from doing the improving you keep talking about.

Most people who attend competitions are passionate about guns, bows and shooting in general. They’re not there to make fun of people who are just starting out — they want to make friends and better themselves, too!

You can meet friends and mentors who can offer you helpful tips. If you can’t seem to figure out why your shots always veer right, chances are someone there will — and would probably help you correct it if you asked nicely.

All you need to get started are the guns you want to use, a holster for smaller firearms and a belt, pouch or some way to hold your ammo and magazines.

If you want to meet like-minded people and have fun bettering yourself, grab your guns and get out to a competition.


There are a lot of different competitions out there. Aim for a competition you think you’ll enjoy, or will get the most out of.

Are you really into rifles? Giddy about Glocks? You can enter in competitions that focus on only one gun, or you can get into three-gun competitions!

As its name suggests, three-gun is a quickly growing competition style that — you guessed it — tests shooters’ abilities with three different types of guns. Instead of using one type throughout, you’ll use a rifle, pistol and a shotgun.

If you’re into American history, especially the Civil War or cowboy eras, you can join clubs that focus on using era-appropriate guns during their competitions.

The Single Action Shooting Society is a unique club that hosts events and competitions that only allow guns such as a pair of Colt single-action revolvers, or a Winchester Model 1892 rifle. Along with these historically accurate guns, you also get to sport Old West-style clothing and get to pick a new cowboy or cowgirl name.

If you ever got into the video game Red Dead Redemption and pictured yourself as John Marston, here’s the next best thing.


Whether you want to perfect your skills with your go-to gun or try out something new, there are plenty of options and opportunities out there for you.

No matter what club, competition or gun you want to get involved with, the most important thing is to get out there and have fun!

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